I thought I would post a little update for everyone. We recently had our third child, Joan Rebecca Rogers. She was perfect and we had no problems in the hospital. I have come back to work after a couple weeks of helping out with pregnancy/delivery. Rory and Elizabeth are getting older and smarter. Elizabeth recently turned two (hers and Joan’s birthdays are really close) and she is a little fireball. She has a lot of spunk but she is also super sweet. She loves being a big sister and we sometimes have to keep her from kissing Joan too much. Rory is doing really good with his potty training. He loves playing games with me especially Minecraft. Its sometimes exhausting to play with him, but it is always fun. Kristalyn is doing great after the pregnancy. She is healing up fine and I can already tell that she is feeling better mentally as well. I have one class left for the semester. I am slowly working through school so I can finally get my Computer Science Degree.

The other day we went up to Salt Lake to have a fun day out with all the kids. We went to City Creek, Cheesecake Factory, and Temple Square. It was a lot of fun and we want to do it again soon. Really at this point we are trying to get back to normality. It will be rough but I think we are off to a good start.