Well it’s official now. The Pokémon Company held a Direct this morning to announce the new core Pokémon games coming to Nintendo Switch: Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. They are set in the new region of Galar.

The Galar Region

From what I have been told, the region of Galar is based off of the UK. That isn’t official, it is the rumor that is going around, and this region looks very much like it. It is very pretty, there is a lot of detail in the surrounding areas. One thing I noticed in particular was how beautiful the water was. It seems as it will be a really fun region to explore.

As I watch the trailer I notice that there aren’t Pokémon wandering around in the grass and caves. This leads me to believe the encounter mechanism introduced in the Pokémon Let’s Go games will not be present in the core game. That makes me sad. I think that was my favorite part about the Let’s Go games. The world felt so much more alive and even though you may get jumped on by a Pokémon, it was a lot easier to avoid them when you wanted to.

The new trainer characters look adorable though. I worry about that poor boy lugging around a suitcase on his back like a backpack, but he seems to make a good time of it anyway. The character models look great though. I love it when they pay attention to detail like the wind moving their hair.

The starters were introduced as well. We have the Grass-type monkey Grookey, the Fire-type rabbit Scorbunny, and the Water-type lizard Sobble. I think when I play these games I want to get Scorbunny to start with. Most others will probably do the same, but hey, he looks like fun.

So it will be coming out later this year. Hopefully there won’t be any delays and we will be able to see more from the game at E3 this summer. What do you all think? What starters do you think you will pick? What do you hate about the trailer? Leave me a comment down below and tell me about it!