So it’s the day after my birthday now but I thought I would share a few thoughts about it. First off, my wife is the best. She is just over 7 months pregnant and she worked her tail end off stressing and making sure that my 30th birthday was the best it could be. She even pasted up on a wall 30 little note cards of things my family love about me. I love her so much and I couldn’t have asked for a better wife.

Second, my friends and family and everyone who wished me happy birthday is wonderful. Thanks to all of you. It really reminds you how wonderful life is when you have so many friends who support you and are there for you.

Third I got some fun presents. My wife got me an awesome drone, a new shirt and phone case, and some yummy candy bars. I got a bag full of edible Japanese yummies from my brother in law and his wife and a sweet guitar book from my sister in law and her husband. My parents also got me a new knife set, which we have needed badly for a while so that was awesome.

All in all it’s was a pretty awesome 30th birthday. I’m so grateful for the blessing I have of the spirits that are in my life. I hope they all can receive similar blessings in their lives and I hope that I can do what I can to bless and serve them to make them as happy as they made me today.

My new phone case, based on Hollow Knight
Pocky! And some new stuff I haven't even tried yet!
Can't wait to try out the music in here
My new drone!