Well it has been one year since I stood outside in the freezing cold waiting for midnight for my Nintendo Switch to be given to me. I remember picking it up and the poster for Zelda that Best Buy was giving out with it and I went home. I didn’t have my games yet as I had ordered them from Amazon and they would arrive the following morning. So when I got home I downloaded Snipperclips and Shovel Knight. It was two in the morning and I was loving it.

The next morning Super Bomberman R came in the mail. I was excited to play it but I was more anxious for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

When it finally arrived, I bolted out to the mailbox and ran inside to play it. I was not disappointed.

The Switch has had a great first year. So many games have been released for it and interest in Nintendo has grown significantly. It is a wonderful console. I have had many good memories playing games with family and friends and wonderful experiences playing on my own.

The best part is, to me it feels like the Switch isn’t fully released yet. The Switch has a lot of missing features and I don’t think it’s because Nintendo couldn’t do them but more because they are still working on perfecting them. I can’t wait to see what Nintendo will do in the near future with the Switch because I feel like there is something wonderful they just aren’t ready to share yet.

All in all, happy birthday Nintendo Switch